The history and future of nuclear power in Sweden

Would you like to know how nuclear power developed in Sweden from 1945 up to today and which political decisions affected the future of nuclear power?

The course is aimed at new employees in the nuclear power industry and others who want a good foundation regarding the history, development and future of nuclear power in Sweden and which nuclear plants have existed and exist today.

The course is part of a training package called Nuclear Power Introduction and consists of five sections. You can find all of the sections in the E-learning course area. If you would like to buy more than one section, please write below in the form’s text field or contact

Nuclear Power Introduction includes five interactive course sections:

  • The history and future of nuclear power in the world
  • The history and future of nuclear power in Sweden
  • Introduction to Reactor Physics
  • Introduction of Main Process
  • Safety in Swedish nuclear power plants

The course should be completed online, using your own computer. Login for KSU-online (Blenda) will be given via KSU after registration.

Course duration and content

The training takes about 45–60 minutes to complete, including exercise questions. The content is divided into two sections:
Section 1: The development of Nuclear power and political decisions in Sweden from 1945 up to today.
Section 2: Current and past nuclear plants in Sweden.

The course also includes exercises with questions for repetition and to reinforce the teaching.

Prior knowledge

No specific prior knowledge is required, but the recommendation is that the course The history & future of nuclear power in the world should be completed first.

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  • Cost of the course: 1 400 SEK

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