Lift Training, Green

This course is aimed at personnel who will be working as a slinger, signaller, lift manager or who will be driving with loads of up to three tonnes.

The course is part of a power station-wide competence model for slingers, signallers, lift managers and was originally developed by the KIKA group of nuclear power stations. The skill model is applicable in Barsebäck, Forsmark including SFR, OKG and including Clab and Ringhals.

The main content of the course

  • Terminology, nomenclature
  • Overview of roles
  • Regulatory framework
  • Overview of the Swedish Work Environment Act
  • Use of lifting devices and lifting accessories
  • Temporary lifting of persons by crane or forklift
  • Signalling exercise
  • Load oscillation exercise
  • Load coupling exercise
  • Overhead crane operation

The course lasts for 20 hours and no prior knowledge is required.

Personnel from the power stations and contractors must apply via their immediate manager in accordance with the procedures for the power stations in question. External customers should send an e-mail to for a quotation request regarding the price of an entire course session or individual course locations.)


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