Pump Basics

The course is intended for personnel with tasks related to the operation and/or maintenance of the plant. It is also included as part of the basic training for the industry-wide station technician/process operator training, BGU-STT. The course is interspersed with theoretical and practical elements in order to increase the course participants’ understanding of the structure and function of pumps.

The main content of the course

  • Pumps in general
  • Design, function and malfunctions of pumps
  • Leaks
  • Vibrations
  • Noise
  • Temperatures
  • Oil Levels
  • Inspection rounds and status checks
  • Procedures and roles among departments
  • Practical exercises, demonstration of cavitation and throttle
  • Starting and stopping the pump with braided packing
  • Visibility of speed-regulated pumps
  • Operational readiness verification
  • Tour of the plant to show pumps in their natural environment.

The course lasts for two and a half days, and prior knowledge is required for individual work in nuclear power plants. A certain level of process and component knowledge is also recommended before the start of the course.

Personnel from the power stations and contractors must apply via their immediate manager in accordance with the procedures for the power stations in question. External customers should send an e-mail to kurs@ksu.se for a quotation request regarding the price of an entire course session or individual course locations.)


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