Advanced Reactor Physics

The course is aimed at prospective reactor operators at BWR or PWR plants.

The course contains principles of nuclear technology, the construction of the reactor and the core, the reactor’s dynamic properties at start-up and operation, and an overview of different reactor types.

Main content of the course:

  • Repetition of the structure of the atomic nucleus, radioactive decay and ionising radiation
  • Energy and the forces of nature
  • Neutronphysics and the fission process
  • Neutron reactions
  • Reactor core
  • Neutron cycle
  • Reactor dynamics, general
  • The reactor’s dynamic properties and power profile in different operating modes
  • Reactivity feedback
  • Fission products and reactor poison
  • Other reactor types (regarding, for example, dynamic properties)
  • Future reactors (Generation IV).

Prior knowledge

Completed process operator training, including the Basic Reactor Physics course or equivalent.

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