Basic Reactor Physics

The course is intended for prospective station technicians and other personnel with tasks relating to the operation and/or maintenance of the plant.

Course aims

The aim of the course is to enable you to:

  • describe the fundamental nuclear principles that form the basis of the operation of nuclear reactors
  • describe how the reactor and the core are constructed at the Swedish PWR and BWR plants
  • describe a reactor’s dynamic properties during start-up and operation
  • describe the stages in the fuel cycle from uranium mining to final repository
  • describe some common reactor types in addition to those occurring in Sweden.

The main content of the course

  • Basic nuclear physics
  • Structure of the reactor core
  • Neutron cycle
  • Reactor dynamics during start-up and operation of BWR and PWR reactors
  • Other reactor types.

Prior knowledge

Knowledge equivalent to the requirement for recruitment of control room personnel.

Course registration

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