Measurement and Monitoring Equipment

Would you like to learn the terms and different principles that form the basis for measuring, controlling and regulating process systems?

The course describes measuring equipment that is standard at nuclear power plants or other industries, principles for how measuring takes place, and principles for signal processing. The course describes how the reactor and turbine power are regulated, as well as safety chains and interlocks for both BWRs and PWRs.

The course is primarily aimed at prospective station technicians/process operators at nuclear power plants and personnel with tasks relating to the operation and maintenance of the plant. The course content could also, fairly easily, be adapted for similar employee groups within the Vattenfall Group.


The requirement for participation in this training is to comply with one of the following:

  • having undergone security clearance, including background checks in accordance with the Swedish Security Protection Act (2018:585) without any issues
  • being employed at one of the Swedish nuclear power plants and can present valid access documents/passes for the respective nuclear power plant.

Security vetting is carried out in connection with a person being employed or engaged either personally or as a representative of a company in activities relating to Sweden’s security. The purpose of security vetting is to assess whether the person is suitable for the task and whether he/she is loyal and reliable. Read more about security vetting here.


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