The Main Process

The course is aimed at prospective station technicians/process operators and other personnel with tasks relating to the plant’s operation and/or maintenance. It is part of the basic training for station technicians.

Course content

  • PWR and BWR reactors and reactor containments
  • Turbine structure
  • Condenser and operating ejectors
  • Condensate and feed water system


After completing the course, you should be able to:

  • describe the principle structure of a steam cycle with respect to the steam and condensate/feedwater flow path
  • describe the structure of the main process at the Swedish BWR and PWR plants
  • describe the main process with its main components.


(The requirement to participate in this training is to comply with one of the following:

  • having undergone security clearance, including background checks in accordance with the Swedish Security Protection Act (2018:585) without any issues
  • being employed at one of the Swedish nuclear power plants and can present valid access documents/passes for the respective nuclear power plant.

Security vetting is carried out in connection with a person being employed or engaged either personally or as a representative of a company in activities relating to Sweden’s security. The purpose of security vetting is to assess whether the person is suitable for the task and whether he/she is loyal and reliable. Read more about security vetting here.)


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