Nuclear Safety

Would you like to know what requirements are imposed on Swedish nuclear power plants to protect people and the surrounding areas from radioactive emissions?

The course is aimed at people who need a comprehensive idea of what can affect the design of a nuclear power plant, how safety is structured, and how it is maintained. This is a general course and applies to both BWR and PWR plants.

The course is part of a training package for reactor safety at Swedish nuclear power plants, consisting of three levels/courses. The course is level two in the training package and is an in-depth study of the first course, Safety at Swedish nuclear power plants.

Training package Reactor safety:

Level 1: Safety at Swedish nuclear power plants (Online training)

Level 2: Nuclear safety

Level 3: Construction requirements and Safety principles

The main content of the course

The course contains four areas, all of which are in-depth studies from level 1 training (online training), Safety at Swedish nuclear power plants.

The term ‘safety’

  • What is safety?
  • Risk and how it is affected by probability, consequence and degree of presence
  • Voluntary and involuntary risks
  • Safety principles
  • Defence-in-depth
  • Barriers and their protective functions
  • Design principles
  • Background to the design of safety systems
  • Event classifications
  • Important construction principles
  • Safety analyses
  • Laws and regulations
  • Important laws and regulations governing nuclear power operations
  • Safety-related technical specifications (STF)
  • Safety analysis report (SAR)

The course participants carry out practical exercises in which the participants practice giving feedback to employees. The course begins with the theory of APC and ends with shared reflections.

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