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Are you a customer with high demands?

We love demanding customers. High demands are daily fare for us as we train and develop people in the area of nuclear power – we are true experts in this area. We have created digital solutions for many of our courses as we know this creates long-term value for the future.
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We know that the best results are reached in a mix of learning environments, whether digital or face-to-face.

Digitalization is an investment that benefits you, the customer, our participants and us. It is our conviction that it creates long-term value for all and prepares us for the future.

We are happy to share our strategic capabilities and not least, the passion and curiosity we have for new technology as a way of developing knowledge. We also put extremely stringent demands on ourselves when it comes to safety and have solid knowledge of the challenges you may encounter.

– We can do many things!

Many of the courses we offer are open to anyone. For example, we have courses in pedagogy, leadership and safety culture.

At the bottom of this page, you will find our product catalogue where you will see examples of what we can do, 3D animations, e-training or illustrations.

"We create safety through innovative, modern training environments, aided by digital solutions."

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