KSUs Showroom

KSU Showroom can show you and your friends different interactive solutions.

TTC – Technology and Training Center

Hands-on training for those with high demands on safety.

Industry Tours

Discover a new world of visual engagement with our product that combines 360-degree tours with 2D images and information.


KSU Video is a way of visualise sequences or record lesson in advance.

KSU Online

Using a learning platform such as KSU Online it becomes easier to make all kinds of training tools available to anyone with granted access. The learning platforms also support interaction between trainers and trainees and between trainees themselves.

Foreign Material Transport -simulations

FMT-SIM is a simulation application which is aimed to simulate the transport mechanism of solid objects transported in process systems. This application is enabling analytical studies on how a foreign material could behave in process systems.

KSU Wiki and e-compendiums

E-compendiums constitute a digital library in wiki format containing training material that was previously delivered in print.


If you are considering simulation technology or developing a new course, we may be the right partner for you.


Computer-based simulation is normally used when it is too expensive or risky to allow participants to use actual equipment.

VR, 3D and 360 photo

New technology makes it possible to emulate reality or parts of it and to train in or experience the environment. We develop digital productions that create true value for your organisation.


KSU creates e-learning courses to be used in preparation for, in addition to or instead of traditional teacher-led training.


Animations have a positive influence on learning and give a visual understanding of a process that is more easily obtained than with traditional text and images.


We create illustrations such as logic, flow and electrical charts, posters, maps, logos and more.

Printed Material

Our printing house has many years' experience with creating training materials. If you have an idea, contact us and we will come up with a solution together!