KSU Online

KSU Online – a good place to start

Using a learning platform such as KSU Online it becomes easier to make all kinds of training tools available to anyone with granted access. The learning platforms also support interaction between trainers and trainees and between trainees themselves.

KSU Online helps make training better and more interesting and therefore support the idea that learning is not only class room and other synchronous activity, learning will be woven in the fabric of every working day.

Makes training better

  • Is a platform for flexible learning online where you as a user gainaccess to education and various media
  • Operated by our own staff at our own servers on safety-class premises
  • Allows different degrees of security solutions for authentication
  • Meet the requirements of GDPR
  • Has basic functions regarding statistics on individual and group level
  • KSU- ICT department can supply custom made tools for learning such as , exercises, quiz, animations, slideshows and e-learning modules etc.
  • Medias such as 360 photo, film and immersive productions (VR and AR) can also be created by KSU and distributed via the platform.


Do you want to know more about this product?

Don’t hesitate to contact us/me, Maria Skogqvist, Head of Innovation & Support at maria.skogqvist@ksu.se to discuss how we could help you. You can also download a product sheet below.