Open courses

At KSU, we provide training in many subject categories, ranging from operational personnel of nuclear power plants to open courses for others working in the field. We also offer training and courses in Human Performance and Safety. Or why not tailor your own course based on your department's needs – contact us at


Are you considering simulation technology or developing a new course? KSU, with our many years of solid expertise and experience, may be the right partner for helping your organisation develop. Contact us at

E-learning courses

Here, you will find all of our e-learning courses. Choose an individual module or combine a few of them, all depending on your background and previous knowledge. Perfect for those who wish to learn at their own pace and to have flexibility in the time and place of learning. Our portfolio of courses is continuously growing.

HuP & Safety Culture

Do you want to develop your understanding of the human-technology-organisation relationship and interaction, thereby enabling you to influence and develop your entire organisation’s ability to improve its safety culture?


Do you work at our Swedish nuclear power plants as an employee or contractor? Here, you will find courses that are conducted in a plant-like environment at our training facility Technology and training centre, TTC, in Forsmark. Other personnel in the industry are also welcome.

Nuclear power technology

Here, you will find a wide range of introductory courses in nuclear power and nuclear technology for beginners and for those who have worked with it and need a refresher.

Pedagogics & Leadership

The courses found here will aid you in developing leadership. You will further your personal skills and abilities, to be used in your work as a manager, teacher or supervisor in the field of nuclear power.


This section offers courses in safety that have proven to be important for increased safety in the nuclear industry. You can choose individual courses or gradually enhance your competency in levels.

Waste & Decommissioning

Are you curious about the full nuclear power cycle? Here, you will find courses that increase your knowledge and understanding of managing nuclear waste and decommissioning nuclear power.

How we create courses!

Through systematics, experience exchange and pedagogic targets

When developing new courses, we use the proven Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) method. The methodology commences by identifying a need for training through analyses of work tasks or competency. Then, the course is designed, developed and conducted. Lastly, the effects of completed training are followed up. All our training has been developed using SAT and we are qualified to assist you in identifying and developing training according to the method.

Industries that have high demands for safety need to work systematically with experience exchange to develop training.

We are assisted by international bodies such as IAEA, WANO and the Nordic Norderf network. They analyse and collate information on operational experience from the world of nuclear power plants, which we use as part of our training.

Pedagogical targets guide us in our work. In our courses, we focus on challenging and supporting participants in ways that are in accordance with research on adult learning. Each training session is viewed as a process in which the individual contributes solutions while learning. When training is completed, participants will have gained knowledge and skills for the occupational roles the training is designed for and be able to use them in their work.

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