For participants

Will you be attending a course or a programme?

We will assist you in developing professionally. KSU will offer those who are already employed in the operations of a nuclear power plant job-specific training and annual retraining. We also offer our courses to those working in the industry or those in need of increasing their knowledge of nuclear power technology.

Participants with varying backgrounds and competence

In our open training courses, personnel from the industry meet for fruitful encounters and discussions. We give participants access to a digital learning platform to allow you to prepare early for the course and to take responsibility for your own learning. Our modern facilities and learning environments will help make your development one-of-a-kind.

What our participants have said

  • “Had good opportunities to practise how myself and the group can reach better results by developing our communication!”
  • “The many group exercises and discussions, based on tangible, everyday examples, were great!”
  • “Interesting course structure using varied teaching methods!”
  • “Competent instructors through and through.”
  • “I was originally sceptical about the course being taught digitally, but after finishing the course, I realise that the format was not only good for me, but also for my employer.”


Jan Lindh

Head of simulator systems and development

"Our graphical simulators offer extended opportunities for practising and learning specific parts."