Access requirements

Access and documentation

WELCOME to KSU! In order for you to gain access to our facilities or to partake in classified information, you must fulfil our security requirements. The documentation we need depends on where you will be working or what course you will be taking – read more below about the individual requirements for you.

Employees, contractors and consultants working for us need to meet the following requirements to be allowed access:

Security clearance

Security vetting consists of the following parts:

  • Application for a criminal records check
  • Security vetting/SCI
  • Drugs test
  • Signed confidentiality agreement

Criminal records check

Not only is the background check required by the authorities, but it is also part of KSU’s ambition to employ reliable, loyal personnel. The background check permits KSU to request that Svenska kraftnät perform a criminal records check on you in accordance with Security Protection Act 2018:585 and SvK FS 2013:1 in security class 3. KSU sends the form requesting criminal records checks to Svenska kraftnät (SvK) who send it on to the Swedish Security Service (SÄPO).

Security vetting and security clearance interview (SCI)

In the in-person security clearance interview (SCI), we will ask you questions regarding your family circumstances, education, previous positions/operations, financial situation, sideline activities, contacts, interests, drugs, charges and convictions and personal traits.

If you are a contractor or consultant to KSU, the company leasing your services will conduct the interview.

New residents of Sweden (less than five years) must provide their personal identity number and request a population registration certificate (personbevis) or extract of the population register to prove how long they have been registered in Sweden. If the individual has not been registered in Sweden for at least five years, he/she must obtain an extract of their criminal record from the police authorities in their home country.

Drugs test

As of their first day of employment, everyone at KSU must undergo drugs testing.

Tests for the following drugs are conducted every third year:

  • Cannabis
  • Amphetamine/Ecstasy
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates
  • Benzodiazepines

The drugs test is normally taken by the occupational health clinic. A clean test is the basis for granting access.

Contact us to gain access

To gain access to training material and course documentation, you must have passed the security vetting, background check according to Security Protection Act 2018:585 and drugs test.


Mail us for help or questions about access