Learning environment

Training in unique learning environments

KSU is a leading training provider and, as such, we offer courses in unique learning environments. Our learning environments and courses are characterised by flexibility, tailoring to meet the needs of each participant and variation (that is, "blended learning") for stimulating different styles of learning. Training and courses are held at any time and new technology and media allow for work-like training environments.

Digital classrooms

Participants meet the instructor and other participants in learning environments, face-to-face in a classroom or in a digital teaching forum on a learning platform. Our unique offering is to create simulated environments that either mirror the reality of your workplace or that allow you to practise handling difficult situations when not possible in your normal work environment.

Simulation methodology

Simulation technology is an excellent tool for teachers and participants alike when it comes to understanding dynamic processes. Our unique simulators are full-scale replicas of nuclear power plant control rooms that provide detailed simulation of plant processes. Simulation methodology has developed over the years and KSU now has a broad range of simulation environments:

Partial simulator

A simulator for understanding a system and for practising procedures in a limited part of a process or system of the nuclear power plant.

Full-scale simulator

A simulator for operator and shift training. Training in system and interoperability as well as procedure training in a plant-like control room.

Graphical simulator

By definition, a full-scale simulator in which the control room is presented graphically. Simulator for system, interoperability and procedural training.

Basic process simulators

A simulator for understanding a system. General simulation, does not necessarily resemble a plant.

VR simulator

An educational, training and test environment in which participants independently or virtually with others can gain experience in certain parts of the plant. A technology that has developed in recent years and shows great potential in enhancing educational efforts.

Technology and training centre

– an opportunity for the nuclear power industry

At our training facility Technology and training centre, TTC, there are today unique opportunities for training in an art-like environment. Although the world around us is becoming more and more digital, there is a great need for practical training and expertise in the construction, function and collaboration of components in a technical process. A simple question like: “Which way do you turn to open a valve?” is not so simple anymore.

In the training facility, unique learning environments have been built up, including flow circuit with pumps, valves and heat exchangers, a transparent flow circuit, an apparatus room for process control and a small control room, practice switchgear, two overhead cranes, etc.

Supplemented with other components and equipment, this is an excellent facility for developing competence regarding the construction, function and interaction of components in a technical process with “hands-on” as an educational model.

This is an excellent facility for learning about maintenance and operations with the aim of contributing to safe, stable and efficient operations of our Swedish nuclear power plants.

What you can expect of our learning environments

  • Access to communication and discussion forums and experience exchange between participants and instructors.
  • Great flexibility in where and when you as a participant can perform an assignment.
  • Customised solutions to meet your needs.
  • Prior access to course material to allow you to better prepare.
  • Digital learning materials to extend the learning process by reusing material after completing a course.
  • Unique simulation environments that contribute to your learning.
  • Competent instructors who guide your professional development.