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At KSU, we work together and learn from each other. Our principles or behaviours, Active, Open, Positive and Safety, are important for our ambition to reach our vision – to be a world leader in nuclear training.

KSU has education departments in many locations along Sweden’s beautiful coastline from our head office in Nyköping to our training departments which are closely associated with the nuclear power plants in Forsmark, Oskarshamn and Ringhals.

The company is in development and we are seeing exciting growth to ensure competence for new and long-term nuclear power. KSU operates under the collective name Training Service Provider both nationally and internationally.

KSU is in an exciting time and as an employee you are an important cog in creating KSU’s future to contribute to competence for the nuclear power of the future. Our goal is to develop your unique abilities and competencies. As our employees are our operation’s most important asset, we do our best to offer the benefits that every employee wants.

We give you the opportunity to develop with the company and within Vattenfall towards creating fossil-free within one generation.

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Student and interested of thesis work or other projects?

If you are a student and are interested in doing your thesis work or other projects in our area as part of your education, please contact us below so we can explore the possibilities.




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